Install & Repair HVAC Systems


As much as Atlanta is a hot and humid town in the summer, we know when winter hits, temperatures tend to get very low, that’s why a good heating system is necessary, with that said, if your system isn’t performing the way it should, or not even turning on, it have a big impact in your business or even home. The Superior Aire Team is backed by more than 40 years of industry experience and our highly trained technicians perform fast and reliable heating repair to commercial business, restaurants but also homes throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas. We understand that when your heating system fails, you need help fast, which is why we offer convenient scheduling and same-day appointments. Let our team know what you need and don’t stay cold.

Air Conditioning:

As much as you are used to the heat and humid city of Atlanta, why keep sweating? Superior Aire provides AC repair and installation in Atlanta for mainly commercial business and restaurants but we can also work in your residence. our company is staffed with highly qualified and experienced technicians who can handle all of your air conditioning needs with honesty and integrity in a fast service. Contact our team and we will be ready to help you.

Refrigeration Units

A refrigeration down or not working properly is considered an emergency service, that’s why the team of Superior Aire is ready to get it fixed as fast as we can while also being reliable, we work for the great area of Atlanta, GA.

Our company has over 40 years of experience, we work with highly trained technicians offering the best service we can. We repair all makes and models from major brands, many of which can be done within a 24-hour turnaround time. Don’t lose time, give us a call!

Hood Drawing

Having problems with a hood fan in your commercial kitchen? Don’t let your kitchen fill with smoke or odor. Whether you have a wall-mount, island or downdraft range hood, Superior Aire is your best option for quick and easy kitchen ventilation repair.

Our range hood repair experts are trained to service most major brands, it usually can be done in a day and you will get service in a fast and reliable way, don’t lose time, call our team and ask for an appointment.

Preventive Maintenance

We highly recommend the preventive maintenance to be done every 2 months but the client can choose between:

  • PM 2 months
  • PM 3 months

On the PM we evaluate if the systems are working correctly, clean drain and do all the inspection to help avoid problems on business hours.

Duct Work

The ductwork is the bond for your entire air system and essential for a high-performing HVAC. If it’s not properly sized, installed, or sealed it can bring extra headache and costs for your business and affect the indoor air quality.

We are licensed and ready for any repair or install that your project needs so you don’t have to worry about future problems. Send us an e-mail with your drawings or call us for more assistance.